Bakersfield 3 Charity is an all volunteer nonprofit that strives to bring the victims of violent crimes, missing persons and their families together to build hope and strengthen Kern County through community engagement and victim advocacy.

Our energy is focused on these hopeful strategies:
1) assist families as they search for missing loved ones,
2) support victims of violent crimes and their families, and
3) partner with like-minded organizations to make Kern County residents aware of our devastating homicide rates and join in efforts to reduce violent crime in our neighborhoods.

Planting Seeds of Hope.

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Our Mission

The Bakersfield 3 Charity is a nonprofit that strives to bring victims of violent crimes, missing persons, and their families together to build hope and strengthen Kern County through community engagement and victim advocacy


Our founding board members represent 3 families grieving over 1 missing daughter and 2 murdered sons. They decided early on that by sharing the stories of their 3 adult children they may be able to save at least one family from this fate. From the beginning, we have been outspoken about the many needs of our community. We have successfully:  

  • Created Kern County's Victim Resource and Support Network for those struggling with open homicide cases, missing family members, and ongoing issues related to violent crime,
  • Raised funds for Kern County Secret Witness to assist law enforcement in solving crimes,
  • Hosted the inaugural “Tee Fore 3” Golf Tournament to benefit Search and Rescue volunteers and their water searches,
  • Assisted many families in their search for missing loved ones.

The first news report about the Bakersfield 3 was in early August 2018, several months after Micah was last seen, James, a victim of a homicide investigation, and Baylee a missing person. Between the end of March and the end of April 2018 3 lives became disrupted and so did 3 different families.

“Our families’ lives will never be the same again.  Our families share something in common, the loss of a loved one.  Our loved ones were caught up in an intricate social web that is in many ways very connected.  We will connect the dots.  We are very appreciative of the public for their prayers and support during this time and to the local media for their continuing effort to keep these 3 stories fresh in the minds of everyone.”

                                                                                     ~ Bakersfield 3 Moms

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Support & Resources


"Hope is what keeps us going. Hope keeps all three stories alive. Hope deserves answers, Hope also means
there are other stories out there from families seeking answers for their missing loved ones or those affected

Victim Resource and Support Network

Due to gathering restrictions surrounding COVID-19, our Victim Resource and Support Network Meetings will be held via Facebook Live until further notice.

Date: Check Facebook Live
Location: Beale Memorial Library
701 Truxtun Ave. (Tejon Room)

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Quick Guide - My loved one is missing, where do I start?

For more information about the resources we provide or to find out how you can be involved, please contact us at

news & EVENTS

On behalf of those who are served by Kern Secret Witness, we thank you for participating in the 2021 "Tee Fore Three" golf tournament. We appreciate your generous support and look forward to partnering with you next year.

Bakersfield 3 Charity

  • Sonar Event 1
  • Sonar Event 2
  • Sonar Event 3

Voices for Victims
Fundraising BBQ

Date: 09/03/2020
Time: 11 AM - 2 PM
Location: Kern County Courthouse Parking Lot

Event Detail:
Tri-tip Luncheon to benefit Kern Secret Witness 

  • 7th Victims Rights
  • 7th Victims Rights 2
  • 7th Victims Rights 3
  • Moms
  • Moms

March 2020 - Bakersfield 3 Charity gifts sonar equipment to KCSO Water Search and Rescue after successful fundraising golf tournament.




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Anonymous Tips: Secret Witness of Kern County

All information to Secret Witness is confidential.

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